Guide: How To Properly Clean Your Eyelash Extensions

Guide: How To Properly Clean Your Eyelash Extensions

We get it, you don't want to ruin your lashes!

Cleaning your lash extensions properly is the key to keeping them looking great longer! So many people I speak to say they don't clean their lashes because they are afraid of ruining them, or that their lash pro just told them to use water or any oil free cleanser. 

So here is the deal. We can't use just any old products on our lash extensions. In order to keep these babies on as long as possible we need to clean them to remove oils and bacteria.  The cleanser we use should also help extend the wear of the lashes, so that you can go longer between fills, saving you time and money. 

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I developed the LAshX Lash Cleanse because there was no such product on the market.  The Lash Cleanse will hydrate your extensions keeping them soft and flexible and thus keeping them on longer without causing lash damage.  The main ingredient Aloe is a natural Antiseptic and this cleanser is Sodium Laurel Sulfate free so it will not dehydrate the natural hair. The Lash Cleanse will not foam or suds because it is free of those dehydrating agents.  I also added hair healthy ingredients like biotin, cucumber, silk extract and panthenol. 



 Introduce all lash clients to the lash cleanser

I like to show all of my lash clients how to properly care for their lashes so that they get the best results possible.

In addition to using the correct products, there is also a special technique to clean the lashes in order to get the best possible lash extension retention. Great retention is 4-6 weeks between fills and if you use the LAshX ProLine you should get 6-8 weeks between fills.

So without further Ado, Here is the step by step guide to cleaning your eyelash extensions. 

lash cleanser step 1

Step 1: Clean makeup to the side

Use half  of a pump of LAshX Lash Cleanse on our finger tips or the Endure Lash wash cloth and add water to emulsify. Using fingers or this pull-free cloth remove any eye makeup to the side and not through the lashes. The reason to remove it to the side is so that there is no makeup products with oil getting into the eyelashes.  Once the makeup is removed to the side use a clean part of the cloth and water to rinse away cleanser. 

NOTE: If you are wearing water proof makeup (i.e. oil based) you will need to remove that first with an oil based makeup remover. Neither water proof or oil based cleansers are lash extension safe so be very careful to avoid the lashes. They you will follow with step 1.  If you are wearing water based makeup you can start right at step 1! 

 Step 2 wipe makeup to side

Step 2: Clean the Eyelash Extensions

Now using a downward sweeping motion we will wash the lash extensions with another half pump of LAshX Cleanser and water.  Splashing water to rinse the lashes is fine. Make sure you are not splashing any other products like sunblock or moisturizers through the lashes.

Tip: You can wash your whole face with the Lash Cleanse in the shower in the mornings.

Dry lashes step 3

Step 3: Dry the Lashes 

Its best to use the Endure Lash Bamboo towel or Magic Eraser to dry the lashes so that there is no chance of pulling the eyelash extensions. You can use the smooth side drying upward to re-fan the lashes.  If you only have a regular towel make sure to blot gently so that you do not snag the lashes. 

Its important to clean the lashes at least 3 times a week to avoid any oil or bacteria build up and to keep lashes lush and soft.  

Clean happy lashes

 That is all it takes to ensure clean, happy beautiful lashes! 

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Love Your Lashes. Love Your Life.



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