How To Maintain Lash Extensions with An Active Lifestyle

How To Maintain Lash Extensions with An Active Lifestyle

Having an Active Lifestyle and Lash Extensions

An Active lifestyle doesn’t have to mean more lash maintenance. 

Working out keeps me feeling sane. I have been addicted to cycling lately and I also dable in Pilates, barre method and yoga. So, I understand the real struggle of wanting to get a good workout on but being afraid of loosing your lash extensions quicker. 

 There are steps you can take to eliminate the very real fear of sweating and ruining your lashes.

To talk fitness and Lashes, I met up with fitness expert Kelly Von Schlies (IG: @kellyvonschlies). I only usually make it to the gym 3 times a week and my lashes usually last me about eight weeks between fills. I wanted to ask someone who sweats for a living, sometimes many times a day, to find out how she maintains her mega volume lash look for such a long time! 

Here are our combined tips:

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  1. Keep as much sweat as possible off the lashes. 

The number one reason that your extensions could become clumped and crusty would be from salts in the sweat that break down the adhesive bonds.  Lashes tend to feel dry and flake off if they get sweaty (or from other salts like tears or ocean water). To do this Kelly keeps a lash-safe towel with her during work outs to wipe away sweat. Its lash safe in that there are no fibers that would catch or pull the extensions if she is wiping her eyes. LAshX Cleansing Kit

2.) Avoid putting creams and sunblocks on before a workout sesh.  While sweat dehydrates lashes, oil will make them clump up. So Kelly makes sure not to have any liquids or cream spf or skin care on her forehead that may drip into her lash line when she is working up a sweat.  (You can use natural mineral powder SPF to keep your skin safe from harmful rays). 

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3.) Rinse with LAshX Cleanse after a good workout. No matter what a little sweat is going to get in our lash lines. The key is to rinse it out with a hydrating cleanser like LAshX Lash Cleanse, It will not only remove salts but also rehydrate the lashes with aloe. 

 4.)  Time your fills. Remember the lash extensions need to be dry for 24 hours after application so time your workouts and showers accordingly. In other words, do not plan to get your lashes filled right before your work out. 

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Your sweat produces natural salt that can affect the lashes in a negative way.  If you know you will be sweating in the gym, CLEAN your lashes with a hydrating cleanser! This is vital, not only for your lash health, but for their longevity.  The LAshX Lash Cleanse is recommended, its your gel cleanser bestie since its hydrating and will keep the retention of your lash extensions for up to two weeks longer. The LAshX cleanser is aloe based so it really helps protect against anything that will dry out your lashes.

Look at your ingredients when choosing your cleanser, when you have a foaming cleanser, they’re usually made with detergents that will essentially dry out your lashes even more. So be careful and know what products you’re using on your eyes, because that can make the difference between your lashes falling out or keeping them for 6-8 weeks!

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We hope this helps put your lash fears aside - We don’t want to be your excuse for not getting to the gym! 

Keeping up a healthy and active lifestyle is so important and you shouldn’t have to compromise your beauty routine for it! So break into a sweat and keep up your lashes, it’s just as important to look good as it does to feel good ;)

Please share your  tips with us below! xx

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