The LAshXⓇ Story

How the world's healthiest lash extension brand was born

The LAshX MethodⓇ and line of lash extension products was a creation of necessity for extension expert, Mandy Jacobellis:

As a stylist and lash client I had become allergic to all of the lash adhesives out there, and I was losing many of my regular clients for the same reason. Before LAshXⓇ, all of the other products on the market  were either for ‘sensitive eyes’ and only lasted a few weeks, or they were so toxic and potent both myself and clients would wake up with our eyes swollen shut. After taking anti-inflammatory medication so that I could wear my lash extensions on a girls' trip to Vegas, I realize there had to be a better solution than drugging myself for beauty. I began working with leading chemists to develop a long lasting adhesive and patented lash.

The goal of creating a nontoxic product and achieve the longest hold time possible was soon achieved with the LAshX Speed Adhesive. There is no need for chemical laden primers or teflon sealers with the LAshX system. The methodology was to make a super flexible lash adhesive system that moves with the wearer's natural lash, resulting in a more comfortable wear and preventing damage by eliminating pulling at the root of the hair. The LAshX Speed Adhesive - safe for even the most sensitive eyes but with the longest possible staying power- the entire lash cycle.

Not only could I wear lash extensions again,  most of the clients I had lost to sensitivities or allergies all were able to start wearing lashes again!  Day in and day out I look at people’s lashes, 6 days a week at that time and up to ten people a day.  I could see what happens without properly cleaning the hair follicle and I decided a daily cleanser/makeup remover was a must. Clients were not cleaning their eyes properly, because they were afraid of losing precious extensions and thus getting bacteria, and makeup build up, making them more prone to get eye infections, mites and lash damage. I knew there was a need to create a cleanser that was 100% lash safe, easy to use all over and one that improved lash and skin in the process.

LAshX Lash Cleanse is the solution. The main ingredient is Aloe - a natural antiseptic that is safe enough doctors often give our cleanser to clients after laser and other invasive treatments. Added benefits of lash health; from biotin, panthenol, chamomile, and silk extract hydrate, soften and nourish the hair. Ingredients work together, keeping lashes soft and flexible. Cleansing natural oils and bacteria provides a clean application, every touchup, for a better hold. Clinical tests prove lash health improves with each cleanse and extensions last 2 weeks longer by removing salts, debris and oils.

The third step and final step of the LAshX MethodⓇ is the lash retainer or Pro/Liner. As more and more clients started using lash “growth” products extension retention dwindled. As a stylist, Mandy knew right away that she needed to create a product to promote lash growth, that did not have any side effects and that would not affect the adhesive. The result was the Pro/Liner, an innovative serum that not only helps lashes triple - in three weeks or your money back - but retains each hair longer, extending the lash cycle by 46% and thus the life of the lash extensions by two weeks! 100% lash extension safe, with 5 color options. That's right, an all in one liquid eyeliner and treatment.“I always wear makeup but chances are, if I can’t see it I'll forget it, especially at bedtime.” It comes in 5 Italian pigmented shades.

By using all three steps coupled with the LAshXⓇ techniques clients will see glamorous and thicker lashes with the longest possible extension wear. While products can be used separately and independently, for optimal results we recommend using all three products steps harmoniously.

LAshXⓇ continues to raise industry standards by creating safe products to guarantee client retainment, providing professional education for efficiency and standards, and supplying an impressive line of products.