Beauty Beyond Makeup: Amanda Jacobellis's Entrepreneurial Evolution

Beauty Beyond Makeup: Amanda Jacobellis's Entrepreneurial Evolution

A discussion with Amanda, Founder of MAKEUP MANDY

To start off,  can you please introduce yourself briefly? And I'd also like to know what inspired you to start your current business.

My name is Amanda Jacobellis, and I founded MAKEUP MANDY in 2006. I began my career as a celebrity makeup artist and stumbled upon eyelash extensions at a convention. It was a relatively new concept back then. I remember there was a DVD with instructions, all in Korean with subtitles, which is how I learned.

However, I saw the potential in this technique to transform someone's appearance without makeup, and it gained immense popularity. I already had a celebrity clientele, so the transition was smooth. The key difference with eyelash extensions compared to makeup is that it's a recurring service, allowing me to quickly build and maintain a loyal client base. Eventually, I opened my first salon and realized the need for better and safer products, which led me to create my own.

That's fascinating. So, you were running your own offline salon and working with celebrities. But at the same time, I noticed you also have online store, right, on Shopify?